Trending: Guy Glam

Now I am new to this whole makeup thing. But… I feel like its one of those things that has become a trend or.. has been trending for the last few years now.  Now before you start raising your eyebrow and starting putting gender stereo types, on things here me out, real quick. First off, why do we have gender stereo types in the first place? Lets think about this real quick, its 2018 and Youtube sensations such as Manny MUA and James Charles have made big names for themselves. So big in fact that big brands such as Loreal and Maybeline have given them campaigns. I just feel like if you want to put a little foundation on and glam yourself up go for it, no one is stopping you. Put the middle finger up to the haters and move on with your day. My point to all of this guys deserve to feel pretty too. So with that said channel your inner diva and get glammed up!

Here are a few examples of Guy Glam for ya! Personally a natural look is most fitting for me :).


Thats going to do it for this edition of Trending: Guy Glam. If you like this series and want more post about guy makeup, let us know with a like, comment and share below. Also make sure to follow us on Instagram @official_styleguydan and Twitter @styleguydan_off  for more exclusive content.




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