Guest Post: 5 Summer Style Tips for Work

Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re excited like I am – welcome to the club! This season inevitably brings a lot of fun, amazing hot days and fabulous summer nights, but what about going to work when the temperatures get crazy? If you want to know how to pick appropriate office-friendly outfits, stay with us. Here are five useful style tips for work.


Flip flops are a huge ‘no’

Yes, I know that you can’t wait to slip into your favourite flip flops, but trust me when I say that you shouldn’t wear them to work. This kind of footwear is simply inappropriate for an office setting, so skip them right away and opt for a different pair of shoes. Not even fancy ones made from leather are allowed because no one is actually interested in seeing too much of your (or anyone else’s) feet. Boat shoes are a great alternative, so make sure to check them out!


Pay extra attention to lightweight fabrics

When the temperatures start going through the roof, the fabrics you choose should become your top priority. Linen is one of the best picks since it absorbs moisture quickly, but it also dries very fast, which is more than amazing since there won’t be any visible sweat patches. However, this fabric tends to get really wrinkled, so you should better get a linen blend instead. I also love 100% cotton clothing items because they are soft and durable while allowing your skin to breathe!


A good pair of shorts will do wonders for your look

I simply adore wearing summer shorts, and the good news is that you can wear them in a business setting, too. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that it’s neither too short nor too tight, because that’ll be more than inappropriate. You should know that cargo shorts are no longer trendy, so say your farewells and pick a pair of tailored shorts instead. It looks much more flattering, and the fact that you can wear it even to a party after office hours makes it much more attractive!


Choose a proper summer suit

If your job requires more formal outfits, I assume that suits are your cup of tea. However, you’ll have to pick fabrics more appropriate for summer heat, since regular suits are made from much thicker materials. Cotton and linen blend are again among the most popular fabrics. Custom suits are always a good idea simply because they’re carefully designed and created with high-quality components in mind. Apart from that, they’re made according to your individual measurements and specifications, which is exactly what makes these suits much more tempting!


Ditch inappropriate prints and opt for the office-friendly ones

The fact that your shirt has a collar doesn’t really make it appropriate for the office, so be extremely cautious when it comes to print selection. Floral and Hawaiian prints are definitely not an option, no matter how convenient these may seem. I personally love plaid, gingham, and checkered patterns, and these are more than fitting for a business setting. Don’t forget to accessorize your look with bracelets or a cool necklace. It will bring your outfit to a totally new level!


Even though summer is probably one of your favourite seasons, you should make sure that your business outfits are office-friendly. This basically means that you should stay away from showing too much skin, as well as from picking inappropriate prints and heavy fabrics which can make your days at the office unbearable. Once you learn to pick right materials and fits, you’re halfway there!





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