Featured Brand: Adidas

Featured Brand: Adidas

One of my favorite brands of all time is Adidas. It is a timeless classic that will never be out of style. I was doing some browsing the other day online at Urban Outfitters and I notice that they recent put together a collection of some classic pieces. These are just a selection of a few of my favorites. Let me know in the comments below what you think, and which pieces are your favorite.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 2.22.23 PM.png
adidas Street Modern Heathered Short–  There is something about having a pair of Gray shorts that you can not only lounge around in but also head to the gym, or run errands in as well. I love the timeless look of the shorts as well as the color. Definitely a favorite for sure.
adidas CLFN Windbreaker Jacket–  if you want to bring classic back., this is the way to go. This Adidas Windbreaker in black is lightweight and iconic with the three stripes going down the side of each sleeve. 

adidas Originals Trefoil Snapback Hat.- Everyone knows that snapbacks are in this year. Personally this one combines to things that I love, the big Adidas logo and the bright green color. This is definitely a piece that will give your look a POP of color.  

adidas Gazelle Sneaker For me when i think of the Adidas Brand I always think of these shoes. Its what i feel started it all. Yes there are other competitors but when it comes down to it, these are never going to be replaceable. I love the classic look with versatility of these shoes. 

Thats going to do it for this edition of Featured Brand . If you like this series, let us know with a like, comment and share below. Also make sure to follow us on Instagram @official_styleguydan and Twitter @styleguydan_off  for more exclusive content.



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