Guest Post:Summer Skin Detox For Men by Peter Minkoff

Summer Skin Detox For Men


There’s no better time to have fun and enjoy yourself every day than during summer, but there’s also no other season that presents the greater danger for your skin than this one. We, men, are generally not so keen on proper skincare throughout the year and from my personal experience, we do tend to neglect this the most during the hottest months. Still, your skin can benefit from just a little effort on your part, and proper skin detox can make a lot of difference.

A lot of liquid

Trust me, this is the one season you should not forget to hydrate yourself from the inside. Therefore, drink a lot of water, make lemonade or replace coffee with green tea. I spend most of my time working at the computer, and I found the perfect way to drink plenty of liquids that works for me. Basically, I always keep a beer mug next to me, instead of a water bottle, because it’s much more fun to refill it constantly. This way, I’m providing my body and skin with enough hydration and having fun, at the same time.

Happy gut


I can’t claim that I have a balanced diet and most of my fellow men can agree that it’s really difficult to cook and prepare meals when it’s too hot, or when ordering something is so much more convenient. But, in order to ensure proper bowel movement, I made sure to always have my fridge stocked with yogurt that contains a lot of gut-friendly bacteria. Together with the green tea that I drink on daily basis, adding a cup of yogurt to my meals has really improved my digestion, which speeds up the detox process.

Light exercise

While I don’t fancy exercising too much, I still love the feeling it gives me afterwards. Sometimes I go for a night run, but I mostly enjoy the pool during summer, because I feel refreshed afterwards. Still, even after only 10 laps, I can see the difference. Thanks to this fun exercise, I get rid of all the toxins in my body and feel happier and more energized the whole day. My skin looks better as well, while moving around when the sun is the strongest became fairly easier.

Proper skincare


And now let’s talk about the possible nightmare of many men – skincare routine. Washing your face with ordinary soap does a lot of damage to your skin, especially if you don’t moisturize later on. In order to make things easier, I left my facial cleanser next to the body wash so that I can wash my face in the shower. Also, Osmosis Sensitive Skin Kit was a great buy for me, because it provided me with almost all the products that I need for both mornings and evenings. Regular application that doesn’t take more than one minute improved the texture of my skin a lot.


Once or twice a week I really like to exfoliate both my body and face because this ritual improves my blood circulation, which makes my muscles less sore from the exercise afterwards. Still, I really couldn’t deal with some special exfoliating products so I got myself some exfoliating gloves. I simply slip on the gloves and shower as usual, while simultaneously removing all the dead skin cells, and warm and tone up my whole body. What’s more, I add Avon Men Essentials Hydrating Moisturiser and it feels a lot more pleasant on my skin after exfoliation.

Trust me guys, the above-mentioned tips don’t take a lot of your time but you’ll feel the benefits almost instantly. I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t like the thought of premature wrinkles just because I couldn’t bother with spending one minute to apply a moisturizer or quench my thirst in time.

If you want to check out more of Peter’s work check out his twitter here.


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