Must Haves: Chokers

What’s old is new, that’s the saying it seems like every trend from way back when is coming back in full force. The 90’s have made a resurgence from the 90’s lip brought back by the lovely Kylie Jenner to what our main topic is today. The choker.. I for one remember, when I used to go to school.With my roll on glitter and my tattoo choker necklace in the Y2K and now in 2016 they are back. Seems like everyone is doing it, so I thought I would share some of the chokers that have caught my eye. That are budget friendly, so here we go!


ASOS Curve Basic Double Cord Choker– Simple yet different from the metals and satins that we usually see, and can bring some edge to any outfit.


Aldo Athlonea Choker– I am a fan of silver and I love how sleek this choker is, it adds something classic yet it sits a little tighter on the neck.


Regal Rose Sienna Dotted Choker– I am a huge fan of texture and this is my go to, the shine and variation of the bubbles makes this great to throw on for a night out.


Anita K Barred for Like 18k Gold Collar Necklace- I think this piece is a staple, especially paired with a turtleneck for the fall if anything this is a must have.


Have a glorious week!


What are your favorites? Comment below.

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