Must Haves: Sunglasses Edition

If you are anything like myself, I have tons and tons of sunglasses. My friends often joke that when ever I go somewhere, I have to have a separate bag just for my sunglasses, I seriously use to have that many, at least until recently when I went through my entire closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff, including sunglasses that I didn’t wear anymore.

I like to think that as you get older you style tends to change and therefore you are evolving and going with the trends. Here are my picks for Must Have Sunglasses this season. Let us know in the comments what kind of sunglasses you tend to lean toward when shopping around.

1 (1).jpg

  1. H&M Blue Aviator Sunglasses– I absolutely love these, I actually wore them today, they add character to an outfit, and Blue frames are going to be in this year. 
  2. Forever 21 Browline Sunglasses– Up until recently I wasn’t really into the more circular shaped wayfarer however these work, they are a great grab and go pair for those days that you are running late to work, or don’t have anything to match your outfit. 
  3. Ray Ban Black Round Sunglasses– For the little hipster inside you, these are perfect and I love them. Not only is the brand a quality brand, but they add some spice to your wardrobe. 
  4. Express Men Two Tone Square Sunglasses– I love the two tone effect on these, and they great if you want to add a little more character to your look. 
  5. Asos Flatbrow Square Sunglasses– This style is going to be another trending style this year, they are like a wayfarer however they have a bigger lense and thats what I love about them. 

Thats going to do it for this edition of Must Haves: Sunglasses Edition. If you like this series, let us know with a like, comment and share below. Also make sure to follow us on Instagram @official_styleguydan and Twitter @styleguydan_off  for more exclusive content.



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