Must Haves: Button Up Shirts

So I recently just got an obsession with Button Up Short Sleeve Shirts. As we all know, I am all about style and versatility, especially now, that Fashion is an even bigger part of my life then ever before. The one thing that I love about them, is that they come in a variety of styles and therefore you can really show your personality through them. 

Here are my 5 Must Haves for this Season:

1 (3).jpg

  1.  Urban Outfitters CPO Short Sleeve Washed Dress Shirt– Yes its pink, and I think thats what I love so much about it. I am not one to wear to much pink, but when I find a shirt that I like I will make it work. I love color, and therefore this is going to great with some white chino shorts. 
  2.  Urban Outfitters CPO Batik Print Short-Sleeve Button Down Shirt– This is probably one of my favorites, I noticed lately that I am really into prints, as long as it fits my body well. This is definitely a very spring shirt and would look great with some solid colored chino shorts. 
  3.   Top Man Blue Poplin Short Sleeve Casual Shirt– This is a great option if you need a little more color in your wardrobe. I absolutely love the blue accented sleeves. This would pair great with either Black or White pants or shorts, with some Plimsoll slip on shoes. 
  4.  Asos Shirt with Random Polka Print–  Polka dots were one of my favorite trends last year, and this year isn’t an exception. I love polka dots and I love this shirt even more, especially because they pair well with black skinny jeans. To spring your look up a bit, opt for black skinny distressed jean shorts. 
  5. Forever 21 Stripe Buttoned Shirt— I normally wouldn’t advise to wear Horizontal stripes, however in this case its a bit different and thats because these shirts are meant to not be tucked in. Pair the shirt (untucked) with a pair of chambray distressed jean shorts and rock the horizontal striped look. 

Thats going to do it for this edition of Must Haves: Button Up Shirts. If you like this series, let us know with a like, comment and share below. Also make sure to follow us on Instagram @official_styleguydan and Twitter @styleguydan_off  for more exclusive content.




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