5 Drugstore Essentials

If you are like me, I love the drugstore, it’s a place where anything is possible. Like many of us, we don’t always want to pay big bucks for certain items.

I have compiled my top five favorite items from the drugstore…..

5 Drugstore Items

  1. Witch Hazel/Great toner for reducing pore size and controlling acne and it’s only $5!
  2. Nad’s Waxing Strips/Use them to tidy up eyebrows or unwanted facial hair, super gentle on the skin
  3. Coconut Oil/I use this primarily on my hair, but so great for your skin and internally as well
  4. Coty Airspun Podwer/By far my FAVORITE setting powder, it’s light and silky and only $5
  5. St. Ives Blemish Control  Apricot Scrub/Probably the number one reason my skin stays clear, it’s a little abrasive but if you like a good exfoliant that you can feel I highly recommend.

What are your drugstore essentials? Comment below.

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