Review: Vanity Planet Spin Cleansing Brush

First and foremost Happy Valentines Day to all our readers out there! Secondly, i just recently got my hands on the Vanity Planet Spin Cleansing Brush, and let me just say, i have never used a Brush Cleanser before, and this is already one of the best products I have used in a very long time.

The first time that I tried to use it was a few days ago, I will be there first to admit that I don’t really have a nightly beauty routine, as most people should. However I will say that once I got the product and started to use it, it made me want to have a nightly routine just so that I could use it.  I first used the cleansing brush, and immediately, when I switched to put the exfoliator brush on, I could already tell the difference in how my skin felt. It felt much tighter and cleaner than, if I were to wash my face just with my hands and face wash.

The biggest difference though was when I used the exfoliator, now I have pretty good skin so I don’t have to exfoliate all the time, I guess I am pretty lucky in the sense that I never get oily skin. After I used the exfoliator though, you can tell that I had a natural glow on my face, and my skin was so much softer then before.

I highly recommend getting this product, especially if you want more radiant skin, and are looking to change your skin routine up a little. The product also comes with a body cleanser(which I have not used yet) but it is suppose to be for your, arms legs and neck. It also comes with a pumice stone brush for your feet(again haven’t used yet.

If you are interested in the product check out Vanity Planet for more details.IMG_0074.JPG




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