NY Fashion Week Recap Day 1: Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy!

Day 1 of New York Fashion Week Fall 2016,got off to a bang with Saint Laurent’s show getting everyone in the spirit on Fashion Week Eve. The fashion house streamed the show live from the Palladium in LA,with a minimalist production consisting of strobing lights. That descended from the ceiling to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga making an appearance it was a kaleidoscope dream.

Image Via: WWD.com
Image Via:WWD. com

Next was the Creatures of the Wind who used texture such as fur, lace and leather and graphic lines in their RTW 2016 collection, with a backdrop of lush red velvet and gold the juxtaposition was a real treat not mention a string piece version of Nirvana’s Lithium as the soundtrack.

Creatures of the Wind RTW Fall 2016
Image Via: WWD.com

Last but certainly not least was the event of the season Kanye West Yeezy Season 3, as a repeat of last year his show was the hottest ticket in town taking place at Madison Square Garden. People were dying to get their hands on a ticket to the show, if you were one of the unlucky few (most of us) that couldn’t be there in person. Tidal streamed the almost hour and a half long event on its website.

Kanye also as another treat played his new album The Life Of Pablo soon to be released, the models stood stoic throughout the show. Naomi Campbell and Veronica Webb also made appearances as  part of the cast in providing gasp and applause as Naomi revealed herself.

The Kardashians were true to form dressed in all white, with Kim rocking platinum blonde hair and Caitlyn all in support of Kanye.

Image Via: Vogue.com

Join us tomorrow for Day 2 of New York Fashion Week 2016, use the hashtag #styleguyNYFW for fashion goodness!


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